2018 Good Food Award

Bondolio received the 2018 Good Food Award. Not familiar? Read on:

Each January, the Good Food Award competition takes place with a mission statement that includes identifying and honoring artisans who make food that is exceptionally delicious.

This award is a validation of what we do at Bondolio and of your decision to belong to the growing family of Bondolio consumers. This award simply says Bondolio is one of America’s tastiest olive fruit oils. But if you have tasted Bondolio, you already knew this.

But there’s another dimension to the Good Food Award that’s a bit more subtle. This prestigious award means Bondolio made it to top of rigorous vetting of more than 2,000 entries as a food crafter that exhibits a true transparency in methods of making olive oil, that we use environmentally sound agricultural practices and that we are aggressively engaged with our community.


Best of Show in 2017 California Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Bondolio wins Best of Show at the California State Fair.

What happened at the California State Fair? How did Bondolio win Best of Show? It was not easy. Bondolio had to undergo 4 separate competitions. Here’s the workflow that Bondolio had to do:

First, Bondolio had to wind gold as Best of Artisan EVOO (producers of less than 5,000 gallons EVOO per year). Next, the win in the Artisan competition advanced Bondolio to the next level, competition of Class. Bondolio won gold as Best of Class of olive cultivars other than the conventional California varietals. Bondolio then advanced to the next level of judging, the medium body EVOO Division. Bondolio won gold as Best of Division. The 3rd gold medal pushed Bondolio into the ultimate judging, Best of Show. Bondolio won gold as Best of Show in the California Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition. Only one Best of Show is awarded in each year’s competition.

We are honored and humbled by the results at the California State Fair.

Experimental Oil

One day before Halloween and it’s the end of the season. Bitter sweet feeling actually. It’s been a fun time milling. Before taking off for the office, we took the Gator for short pre dawn ride into the orchard and were a bit surprised. Looks like we have about 3/4 to 1 ton of olives still on the trees. That’s enough fruit to fill one malaxer. We started talking and thought why not conduct an experiment. Why don’t we mill the remaining olives along with citrus fruit? Historically, we have had zero interest in flavoring the oil because Bondolio’s stands on its own 2 feet. But we have put into storage enough oil now we think we will be able to keep pace with and satisfy our family of customers. So why not run this experiment? How much citrus to add? Cut or whole fruit? The answers to these questions are apparently tightly held secrets, more of a ‘black art’. There’s no information out there about how many pounds to add. Okay, so we will make an educated guess. No matter if this experimental food is any good or not we will post what we did and how we did it.
Now we need to find exceptional citrus – only a couple places to go excellent produce, Corti Brothers or Byrans Market – since Bryans is in San Francisco, Malcolm just left for Corti Brothers in Sacramento.

New Oil Celebration

Clear Bottle Nouvelle

Bondolio New Oil Event

December 13, 2015

10 AM to 4 PM

What is new oil? It’s commonly known as nouvelle or, in Italy, ‘nuovo olio’. At Bondolio we adopt the Italian and say New Oil.

This will be our second New Oil event and it’s all about enjoying an Italian tradition. Between mid September through the beginning of November, in many regions of Southern Italy, farms start harvesting their olives which are then taken immediately to local mills to squeeze the olive to give up its fruit juice, oil. During this time of year the olives are only mostly green and at the beginning stages of changing color, a sign of fruit ripening. It is at this green stage is when the olive contains oil of the least degree of acidity. And for Karen, this is when the olive oil contains the optimal flavor for her pallate.

We will have our pizza oven making flat bread onto which our new oil will be drizzled. This is classic Italian life in the Fall – tasting the new oil fresh from your local olive farm!

We know you will enjoy the slightly spicy taste, the grassy flavors, and the wonderful aromas. The same experience really does fill the air in rural villages throughout southern Italy.

Stop by Bondolio for an experience you normally have to travel thru 8 time zones to enjoy.

Bondolio is Certified Extra Virgin by The California Olive Oil Council (COOC)

About the COOC


The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) is a non-profit trade and marketing association whose purpose is to promote the production and consumption of California extra virgin olive oil. The COOC supports certified extra virgin olive oil standards and provides grower, producer and consumer education.  Visit the COOC website

You can find the 2014 COOC Seal of Certification on all of Bondolio’s 2014 bottles. Purchasing olive oil with this seal means your are truly buying the very best!

About the Certification

“When you purchase olive oil with the COOC Seal of Certification, you know you are buying the best extra virgin olive oil made in California.

Let’s face it: many of the olive oils on the market today claim to be extra virgin, but aren’t. To give consumers confidence they are purchasing 100% extra virgin olive oil, the COOC created the COOC Certification Program.

2014 COOC Logo

The redesigned 2014 COOC Seal

In the certification program, California producers submit their olive oil for sensory evaluation, where a panel of certified tasters conducts a blind tasting, and chemical analysis, rigorous lab testing to confirm acidity levels and other aspects of the oil are on target.

Only after the oil has passed both tests, does it earn the right to display the COOC seal. Purchasing olive oil with the COOC means you are buying fresh, California grown, 100% extra virgin olive oil, the healthiest and most delicious olive oil on the market today.

Look for the California Olive Oil Council’s seal with the current harvest year on it to ensure you are purchasing certified extra virgin olive oil from California”!

The full list of COOC certified olive oils, including Bondolio, can be found at: http://cooc.com on the “about the seal” page.