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Custom Milling:

Bondolio does not offer custom milling. 

We have decided to retire from the custom milling business. This was a very difficult decision to make. Over the years we have had the privilege of meeting wonderful small growers that share our passion of creating excellent extra virgin olive oil. However, the time we have available to devote to milling olives other than our own was limited before but these days doesn’t actually exist. To our small grower friends, thank you for trusting us to help you with your EVOO.



At Bondolio, we strive to mill the highest quality olive oil. We have won many gold medals in the last two years, and want to continue in that tradition.  The owners of Bondolio Olive Oil come out of the the Medical Industry and know that if your mill is clean, your olive oil has a better chance of not getting bacteria. Our completely tiled mill area proves the standard of excellence that you would expect from our olive oil. Gruppo Pieralisi has custom produced a cold press olive mill to our exact specifications to meet our high quality of standards. Our mill has the newest technology that is available in olive mill industry. Bondolio was the first multi-phase decanter in the United States, which allows us to have zero waste products. There are very few other mill in the United States that is as environment friendly as ours.


  • Custom Designed Pieralisi Mill (Jesi, Italy)
  • Multi-Phase Decanter
  • Two Molinova TG Maxlaxtors
  • Location: Winters, CA 95694
  • Tasting room; and glass viewing of the olive milling area

If you would like to have your olives milled, please call any one of the many superb mills in the Northern California.

Olive Mill Inquiries

Karen Bond, Owner

t) 916.715.9007

e) orders@bondolio.com