I Must Love You Cookies


My friend Cathy Kennedy who lives in Napa, loves to cook just like me. I think she is very creative in cooking. As we were bottling oil in February of this year, we were talking about what could we make with olive oil that is normally made with butter. We discussed truffles and other candies. She said she was going to experiment over the next few months.

Michael Chiarello who owns Bottega in Yountville, California asked us to sell our olive oil at his Gran Fondo to raise money for three charities. We quickly agreed as we love his restaurants and what an opportunity to get our oil more exposure. Cathy arrived to help sell our oil with a basket of these “I must Love You Cookies”  to get everyone’s opinion. They were a hit. We all thought they were fantastic. Try these healthy, easy to make cookies at home. Unfortunately, they will disappear too quickly.

 “I Must Love You Cookies

1              cup         Bondolio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

1              cup         Soft Brown Sugar

½            cup         Granulated Sugar

2            large        Duck Eggs

1              tsp          Vanilla, Tahitian

1 ½         cup         Pastry Flour

1              tsp         Baking Soda

3              tsp         Cinnamon, ground

1              tsp         Salt, Kosher Flake or Sea Salt, Flake

3             cups      Old Fashioned, uncooked or Quick Oats

½            pound   Dark Chocolate; Trader Joes 72% or Valhrona 71%; 

                               ¼ lb chopped + ¼ lb shaved pieces

½             cup       Raisins, Giant Juicy (Trader Joes)

½             cup       Whole Almonds, fresh, unroasted, unsalted, chopped


1. Heat oven to 350

2. Beat Olive Oil + Sugars; let rest for 5 minutes

3. Beat in Duck Eggs and Vanilla – mixture will be thick like caramel

4. Stir in combined: Pastry Flour, Baking Soda – sprinkle Cinnamon and sprinkle Flake Salt         about the mixture to ensure even distribution

5. Slowly add Oats, as you mix; sprinkle Chocolate in next

6. Form round cookies about 3 inches in width; 1 ½   inch high and place onto cookie sheet

7. Press 3 Raisins into each cookie; top with bits of Almonds

8. Bake for 12 minutes; let cool on sheet                                                                                               Cookies will be soft in the center until they cool completely; approximately 1 hour