Saporoso Balsamic Vinegar


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We wanted to offer our customers a really high quality Balsamic Vinegar to compliment our Olive Oil.  We traveled throughout Modena, Italy looking for the right producer: We chose Acetaia Malphighi.  We loved their vinegars and they offered other Balsamic Vinegar products that were extremely versatile for gourmet cooks.  We offer no flavored vinegars or olive oils.  The main reason is that the vinegar or the oil in most cases use a lower grade of oil or vinegar and we only want to offer our customers the finest products.  We hope you enjoy these new products.


Saporoso is the black balsamic condiment, six years in oak barrels followed by six months in stainless steel barrels. The delicate liquid obtained from the cream of the grapes Lambrusco Grasparossa and Trebbiano Modenese, subjected to soft and slow squeezing, is then cooked over direct heat and open vessel, only to be set in oak barrels for a long, gentle ripening.

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Its density syrupy and visually creamy makes it ideal if consumed on all kinds of vegetables, roasts, game and of course salads.


100 or 200 ml

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