Bondolio EVOO 250 ml


This exquisite extra virgin olive oil from Bondolio is harvested by hand and goes from branch to bottle in just 90 minutes.

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This year’s oil was harvested early November 3 2018 and it is true to our passion of providing a unique extra virgin olive oil experience for your palate.

Pouring Bondolio provides a visual of golden green EVOO. On its way up to your mouth you will sense a nose of fruit and fresh cut green grass.  Traveling across your palate you will taste Bondolio’s complex structure with hints of artichoke and tomato. At the end of the journey in your mouth you will enjoy the traditional Bondolio delayed release of a wonderful phenolic peppery taste. Bondolio, an exquisite extra virgin olive oil.

Creating Bondolio EVOO has always been about our passion for bringing our favorite old world flavors of Sicily to California. Yes they are old world flavors. You see, when the Greeks colonized Sicily around 800 BC, the island quickly became the ancient Greek analogue of the San Francisco Bay area. All things to do with architecture, agriculture and fine cuisine were concentrated on Sicily. Aboard some of the first ships passing from the Greek islands to the island of Sicily were Grecian arborists tending to a precious cargo, olive trees indigenous to Persia. These olive trees were highly prized by the Greek epicurean. The progeny of these trees are found in the orchard at Bondolio and are responsible for the flavors we offer you.



COOC Certified Extra-Virgin

Varietals: Biancollila, Cerasuola, and Nocellera

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Harvest Date: November 2018

Max time from tree to mill: 90 minutes

Size: 250ml Bottle

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 1.5 in

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