2018 Awards


Gold Medal, California State Fair, Mandarin Olive Oil


Bondolio receives 2018 Good Food Award. Not familiar? Read on:

Each January, the Good Food Award competition takes place with a mission statement that includes identifying artisans who make food that is exceptionally delicious.

This year, Bondolio was the recipient of this award. The Good Food Award is a validation of what we believe, what we do at Bondolio and it’s also a confirmation of the sophisticated palette of the growing family of Bondolio consumers.

This award honors Bondolio as one of America’s tastiest olive fruit oils.

But there’s also another, albeit subtle, dimension to the Good Food Award. This prestigious award means Bondolio made it to top of rigorous vetting of more than 2,000 entries because we have full transparency of our methods, we use environmentally sound agricultural practices and we are engaged with our community.


2017 Awards

Best in Show, California State Fair

Best Artisan Producer EVOO, California State Fair

Best of Division, California State Fair

Best in Class, Medium Blend, California State Fair

Gold, Medium Blend, California State Fair

Gold Medal, Medium EVOO, Estate Grown, Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Gold, New York International Olive Oil Competition

2015 Awards

2015 Gold Medal  (California Olive Oil Council)

2014 Awards

2014 Gold Medal (New York International Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Gold Medal (Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Best in Show (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Best in Class (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Gold Medal  (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Gold Medal (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2014 Gold Medal  (California Mid-State Fair)

2013 Awards

2013 Gold Medal (New York International Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Gold Medal (New York International Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Best in Show (Napa County Fair Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Best in Class  (Napa County Fair Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Gold Medal  (Napa County Fair Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Gold Medal  (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Best in Class (Yolo County Olive Oil Competition)

2013 Gold Medal  (California Mid-State Fair)

Twenty Five Total Awards