Tours of Bondolio farm and mill are offered by appointment only.  You will receive a tour of our farm including our outdoor patio, our trees if not raining, our mill, and of course our indoor tasting room.  Many folks tell us our tasting is the best and they have never experienced a tasting like ours.
Tour and Pizza  10 person minimum; $50 per person which includes $30 credit towards purchase of Bondolio products and $20 for pizza and a bottle of water. If you have 10 people or more, we will be happy to light up our pizza oven and make pizza. Our oven is a real Tuscan clay wood oven and it takes 24 hours to bring it up to pizza cooking temperature.
Tour  $30 per person for the tour and $30 credit towards the purchase of Bondolio products
Please call 916-715-9007 or email at
Requests for a tour should be made at least two weeks prior to the date of the requested date.