Prelibato White Vinegar


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We wanted to offer our customers a really high quality Balsamic Vinegar to compliment our Olive Oil.  We travel throughout the Modena, Italy looking for the right producer: Acetaia Malphighi.  We loved their vinegars and they offered other Balsamic Vinegar products that were extremely versatile for a gourmet cooks.  We offer no flavored vinegars or olive oils.  The main reason is that the vinegar or the oil normally uses a lower grade of oil or vinegar and we only want to offer our customers the finest products.  We hope you enjoy these new products.


Prelibato is a white balsamic vinegar made from the best grapes of Trebbiano Modenese, which matures for six years in small barrels made of ash wood. Six years makes the difference: as the quality of wood ash transmits fragrance and creaminess to the product, clear, smooth and delicate.  I was shocked by how sweet it was unlike white Balsamic that is sold in most grocery stores.  

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Ideal if matched with all kinds of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and caviar.  It is amazing when used in small drops on fresh fruit.  You will love it.




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