2018 Good Food Award

Bondolio received the 2018 Good Food Award. Not familiar? Read on:

Each January, the Good Food Award competition takes place with a mission statement that includes identifying and honoring artisans who make food that is exceptionally delicious.

This award is a validation of what we do at Bondolio and of your decision to belong to the growing family of Bondolio consumers. This award simply says Bondolio is one of America’s tastiest olive fruit oils. But if you have tasted Bondolio, you already knew this.

But there’s another dimension to the Good Food Award that’s a bit more subtle. This prestigious award means Bondolio made it to top of rigorous vetting of more than 2,000 entries as a food crafter that exhibits a true transparency in methods of making olive oil, that we use environmentally sound agricultural practices and that we are aggressively engaged with our community.