Oldest visits the youngest



What a privilege and an honor to have an olive oil pioneer in our midst.

Here Karen and master miller Gary Engle visit with Nick Sciabica the grandson of the man that created the first olive mill in California – that would be in 1936!

Amazing experience. It was like having the Dean of  the University of all things Olive Oil walking with us in the mill and through the orchard. Incredible, humbling experience.

Small world. Nick’s grandfather was born in Marsala, Sicily. Just so happens a couple years ago Karen and I worked for a week in Marsala and had time to visit one of their museums. This archaeological museum has most of the hull of a war ship from the first of the Punic Wars dating back 241 B.C. How is that possible? The wood was held together by copper nails and when it was found resting on the bottom of the Mediterranean, it was largely intact!

We also ventured out to see the Sicilian salt farms still powered by wind mills that exchange sea water with the evaporative fields.