Why does Karen’s pizza taste so good?

At this point in time, after the majority of the milling season is behind us, and after counting more than 100 pizzas from the Bondolio oven, maybe it’s time to answer the question: ‘How did Karen become such a good pizza chef?’. The answer is simple. Karen, being Karen where everything is about passions and competition, went to the Tonino School of Pizza. Actually, the owner of Tonino Pizzeria, Bologna, Italy, graciously agreed to open a couple hours early one Spring day in 2014 to help Karen learn the nuances of making a Napolitana Pizza – some secrets cannot be shared but for sure a fine pizza includes learning the art of the thin crust.

In this photo, Karen is working closely with Sig Tonino. The passion for the pizza is obvious in this photo.

Karen made dough, prepared the ‘mozzarella’, cooked the tomato and on and on for most of the day. Then rolled individual rolls of dough and applied the toppings then, olive oil. At some point Karen apparently achieved a threshold of quality. Sig Tonino was so pleased with Karen’s progress that she was allowed to serve her pizza to a couple tables of locals out for mid day meal. That’s like making podium in a 12 mile TT! Congratulations Karen!!


Karen Learns Pizza Tonino