Experimental Oil

One day before Halloween and it’s the end of the season. Bitter sweet feeling actually. It’s been a fun time milling. Before taking off for the office, we took the Gator for short pre dawn ride into the orchard and were a bit surprised. Looks like we have about 3/4 to 1 ton of olives still on the trees. That’s enough fruit to fill one malaxer. We started talking and thought why not conduct an experiment. Why don’t we mill the remaining olives along with citrus fruit? Historically, we have had zero interest in flavoring the oil because Bondolio’s stands on its own 2 feet. But we have put into storage enough oil now we think we will be able to keep pace with and satisfy our family of customers. So why not run this experiment? How much citrus to add? Cut or whole fruit? The answers to these questions are apparently tightly held secrets, more of a ‘black art’. There’s no information out there about how many pounds to add. Okay, so we will make an educated guess. No matter if this experimental food is any good or not we will post what we did and how we did it.
Now we need to find exceptional citrus – only a couple places to go excellent produce, Corti Brothers or Byrans Market – since Bryans is in San Francisco, Malcolm just left for Corti Brothers in Sacramento.