Parmigiano and Balsamic on the way to Bondolio

Early this morning, Karen called our friends in Modena Italy – at the end of the call a bit of heaven in the form of parmigiano and balsamic were on their way to Bondolio.

If you have not tried either of these, you are in for a Bondolio treat. A couple years ago Karen, being Karen, did a lot of tastings in the countryside around Parma & Modena and selected a couple families products as being the best in class cheese and balsamic.  Now these families are good friends and reliably send excellent product to us. If you need either or both, drop us a line and we will set some aside for you.



Cheese Plus

Cheese Plus joins the Bondolio family.

At the corner of Polk and Pacific in San Francisco, you can not only pick up a bottle of Bondolio but you can enjoy a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich.




Fancy Food, Alice Waters and Chance

Leading up to the Winter Fancy Food meeting at the Moscone was the Good Food Mercantile held at Fort Mason along the San Francisco Bay shoreline next to the marina.

Bondolio was present with a booth and along with Karen was Chance Grossman, a very talented freshly minted college grad and pilot.

Unlike the Fancy Food meeting which is open to the public, the Good Food Mercantile is billed as an un-trade show for tasty, authentic, responsible food. It is a one-day, intimate gathering of like-minded food crafters and retailers with a focus on building commerce and community. The goal of the gathering is to honor people who make food that is delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions.

It was a busy meeting for sure. And the highlight for Bondolio was a visit to the booth by an idol of Karen, Alice Waters.





Karen’s knee repaired in Vail

Karen injured her left knee during strength training class. Turned out to be a torn meniscus. For Karen, there is only one place on earth to have a knee or shoulder procedure, the Steadman Clinic in Vail. In this photo, Karen is 24 hours post op and on her way to grab something to eat in between the twice daily rehabilitation. Rehab of her knee started the very next day with physical therapy, cryo therapy and stationary bike exercise.


12 hours post op

24 hours post op

Nuovo Olio 13 December

December 13 is just around the corner – plan part of your day at Bondolio and enjoy the Bondolio pizza oven which will be fired up the day before to be ready to toss out pizzas faster than you can say mozzarella; nuovo olio will be drizzling on just about everything; new balsamic treats will be available for tasting; and the mill will be open for touring – promising a fun time at the farm for one and all.holidays

Norma receives a bottle of Olio Nouvo

Here’s a snap of Karen, the special delivery courier of Bondolio Nuovo to Norma Bond the host of the thanksgiving dinner for the Bond family. Norma is a retired school teacher living in the woods of the Sierra Nevada just outside the Lassen National Park. Norma is 93 years young, a retired school teacher, a licensed private pilot and Malcolm’s mom.